I ❤ New York

I ❤ New York


I recently swooped through the Big Apple to meet with some factories (more on that exciting news soon!), but no matter how brief a trip, I can’t visit New York without popping by a few favorite places.

One of my favorite stores is Evolution, which always has the most interesting collections of natural curiosities. I love the patterns and shapes seen in these beetles and butterflies—Mother Nature really is the best print maker. And no New York jaunt would be complete without hitting a few museums. I particularly loved the MOMA sculpture garden and the James Turrell light exhibit at the Guggenheim.

These inspire me to consider light, color, and form in different ways, and to think about how to interpret those elements into clothing. Turrell is able to combine this intense vibrancy with a real sense of quietude. Wouldn’t it be great to convey that same kind of thing in an outfit? I’m working on it.

Sometimes, though, it’s just about the guy on the street who’s wearing a tulle top hat and layers of petticoats.


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