What Is Kickstarter + How Do I Do It?

What Is Kickstarter + How Do I Do It?


As some of you know, I recently launched a new ready-to-wear collection called M2057 by Maria Pinto on the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. This is a new adventure for me and totally different from the way most fashion is made and sold. For many of my customers, it's a new experience, too.

Read on for some frequently asked questions we've gotten, and an explanation of how you can back my campaign on Kickstarter and pre-order the M2057 collection.

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website for creative projects. Entrepreneurs, innovators, and artists post a project and ask for donations to help get their ideas off the ground. People who donate, or “backers,” have a selection of levels at which they can donate in exchange for corresponding backer gifts. If a campaign reaches its stated monetary goal in a chosen time period, it’s funded and moves forward with production; if not, the campaign ends and no money is collected.

How do I pre-order M2057 on Kickstarter?

Simply select one of the backer gift levels, which include pieces from the M2057 collection, a print of one of my paintings, and some special fashion experiences. You'll be taken to an Amazon account page where you can sign in using a current account, or create a new account for yourself. You won’t be charged anything until the campaign reaches its goal and is considered funded.

You also don't need to decide what style or color you want yet! Once the campaign is funded, we’ll get in touch with you for additional information to complete your order (style, color, and size). Domestic shipping is included in the backer gift price; for international orders, please add $30 to your backer amount.

When will I receive my order?

Clothing is anticipated to ship in March 2014. This takes into account the time it will take to retrieve order information from all backers, plus production time for the collection.

What about returns and exchanges?

If you're not happy with your clothing purchase you will be able to exchange it for a different size. If we don't have the same item available in your size, we will work with you to get you a comparable item that you love. Given the nature of the Kickstarter model, we unfortunately cannot accept returns.

Why do I need an Amazon account?

Kickstarter manages transactions through Amazon. It’s a very safe, reliable way to conduct transactions and manage credit cards. You will not be charged until the campaign reaches its funding goal.

Is there anything special I get for backing M2057 on Kickstarter?

Yes! First off, I’m offering my dresses and jackets at a special price of $250 for Kickstarter—after the campaign ends, they will go up to $275. Second, I’m offering an exclusive color called “Kickstarter Red” that I’ll retire after this campaign ends. It’s a brilliant scarlet shade, but it will only be available to Kickstarter backers—after this, no one else will be able to get an M2057 piece in this gorgeous color.

I am so appreciative of every single person who backs my campaign. As a token of my thanks, each backer will get a signed thank you note from me on a frameable notecard featuring my “M2057 Ginko” painting. Moving forward, all backers will also be listed on a “Special Contributors” page on the M2057 website, and get access to exclusive online previews of future collections. Additionally, I’m offering some more experiential gifts at the higher backer levels, including spending a day with me in my studio or co-hosting a fashion party with me at Chicago restaurant Sepia.

What happens at the end of this campaign?

A successful M2057 Kickstarter campaign means we can cover production costs, and will get to work fulfilling all backer gifts for delivery in March 2014. It also means I can start designing and producing the next M2057 collection that I plan to launch in spring 2014.

You've designed clothes for some pretty famous people. Why are you doing this on Kickstarter?

I decided to launch M2057 on Kickstarter because it gives me more immediate feedback with my customers (only ordered garments get produced, helping me know exactly what women are looking for, and eliminating a lot of waste for unsold styles) and it’s an opportunity to build a community that can participate in future collections. I’m interested in the nexus of fashion and technology, and, much in the way that e-commerce sites have changed how we find and acquire fashion, I think the Kickstarter model will play a major role in the future of the fashion industry. How great is it to be in on the ground floor?

What happens if the campaign doesn't get funded in the allotted time?

In that unfortunate case, we won’t be able to move forward with M2057 production at this time and your order will be cancelled. You won’t be charged for anything. But we would love to keep your information so we can inform you of future plans for M2057!

Don't see an answer to your question? Get in touch with us!

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