Sizing, Fabrics, and Colors for M2057

Sizing, Fabrics, and Colors for M2057


If you ordered from the M2057 collection on Kickstarter, you should have gotten a survey from us to select your choice of garment style, size, and color. Reference the chart above to determine your correct size.

A few other notes about sizing:

  • Measurements are in inches.
  • Measure yourself using a cloth tape measure.
  • Order the size that corresponds to your largest body measurement. You can always get things taken in as necessary—fortunately M2057 pieces are very easy to alter!
  • Find your corresponding body type on the shape guide and match it to the icons on the dress photos in the survey. This will help you choose a style that will look lovely on you.

Colors + Fabrics

The M2057 pieces come in the colors above and one of two gorgeous Italian jersey fabrics.

Liquid: The "liquid" jersey flows and moves like water, for silhouettes that embody a chic but effortless style. Most of the dresses made from the liquid jersey have a “second skin” slip that “smooths out the bumps,” so you never have to worry about clingy fabric.

  • Pieces in liquid jersey: Sophia Dress, Reverse Dress, Jesse Dress, Nina Dress, Gia Dress, Greta Jacket, Shrug, Circle Scarf
  • Colors available in liquid jersey: Avalanche, Black, Cargo, Midnight, Oxblood, Radar Blue, Kickstarter Red

Form: The heavier, "form" jersey keeps a shape while still maintaining an incredible softness. This fabric allows for silhouettes that are more architectural and urban. Because of the thickness, you don't have to worry about transparency issues, even in the light “Avalanche” shade.

  • Pieces in form jersey: Isabella Dress, Franca Dress, Tippie Jacket, Caress Wrap, Squares Wrap
  • Colors available in form jersey: Avalanche, Black, Cargo, Midnight

Remember that the Kickstarter Red color will only be available for this first Kickstarter collection—after this, you'll never be able to get this red shade again!

Thank you again to everyone who ordered M2057 on Kickstarter!


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