Natural Inspiration in San Francisco

Natural Inspiration in San Francisco


"Fashion is so glamorous," my team and I often say with a giant eye roll. Sure, if it's a photo shoot, catwalk, or studio event, the outward appearance should be effortless and elegant—but behind-the-scenes it's usually anything but. Schlepping bags, steaming garments, hauling racks, finding creative ways to style clothes—anyone in fashion will tell you it's a lot of smoke and mirrors. That's part of the fun of it, but sometimes it's important to escape the mad dash that is this industry, to pursue a new perspective that can inspire and enlighten. I expect I'm not the only one to think this about her chosen field.

Our recent trek to San Francisco was amazing—it was our first major Pop-Up in another market, the city was gorgeous, and the people we met were so generous and welcoming. I am truly grateful for the new friends I've made out west. But some of the best times I had in San Francisco were the days I had the chance to escape the buildings, the pavement, and the Ubers, and explore the area's natural offerings. "Getting back to nature" may sound a bit cliché, but when it comes to rejuvenating the creative spirit, it can't be beat. So thank you, San Francisco, for opening my eyes.

What do you see when you arrive in a new environment? My eye is often drawn to the details of nature, whether in an urban park or deep in Muir Woods. I credit urban architecture with influencing my work, but nature's architecture is equally inspiring to me and my designs. I love the reveals of form and texture, of positive and negative space, of color. From strong bold verticals to abundant curves. From crisp browns and greens to undulating grays. From the mundane to the spectacular. To risk stumbling into another cliché, Mother Nature really is the greatest artist of us all. I returned home with newfound respect and awe for what exists in this world. 

Here's the best part—you don't have to travel all the way to San Francisco, or Paris, or any other glamorous place to experience this. Ironically, this trip reminded me that we can seek out new views and perspectives closer to home. New environments encourage us to see again with fresh clarity. I, for one, am itching to get back to my sketchpad.

I wish you well,

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