Deconstructed Couture

Deconstructed Couture


I loved designing couture for my previous collection, Maria Pinto. I love the careful construction, the meticulous fit, the exquisite fabrics. Couture is an art form. Couture is a confection. Couture is a fantasy—and that’s also the downside. It’s unrealistic for 99% of the population. That’s the part I didn’t love—designing dresses that sell for upwards of $2000 leaves out nearly everyone. It may be beautiful, but it isn’t accessible.

How can you achieve that level of design integrity and fabric in an accessible, wearable dress? That's where the idea for M2057 began. In couture the sky’s the limit—you can go as far out there as you like—but it takes a different kind of discipline to know when and how to rein it in.

Finding the fabric was the first step. Years ago I discovered an amazing Italian stretch nylon fabric in Shanghai, of all places, and I knew I wanted to make a collection out of it someday. I liked its high tech quality, almost like a neoprene, which felt very modern and lent itself to minimalist, sculptural designs. The fabric also allowed for raw, cut edges, so I could get the perfect fit I once sought in designing for luxury, but now make garments that are very easy to alter if necessary. Every woman’s body is different, and I wanted this next collection, M2057, to be able to fit all body types. And it's machine washable!

How refreshing to be able to make clothes that you can wear all day and throw in the hamper, not the dry cleaning pile (which saves a pretty penny, too). That it’s also machine washable and wrinkle resistant—well, that sealed it. Spill some water or red wine—hey, it happens to the best of us—on your jacket? No problem—a stain stick, a washing machine, and you’re good to go. (Check out this video we did about it!)

But none of this would matter if the fabric didn’t feel amazing. And that was the best part: This fabric is so soft and wearable, it feels like silk (stretch silk that you can wash and doesn’t wrinkle!). Imagine wearing a pair of pants that looks sharp but feels like pajamas, or a pencil skirt that moves with you, rather than restricting you.

You seriously have to feel this fabric to believe it. If you haven’t tried M2057 yet, I’d love to send you a complimentary fabric sample so you can see and touch it in person. Just email or call 888.868.2057, and one of our stylists will ship a swatch to you immediately.

So that’s how I landed on M2057—I think of it as deconstructed couture. The fit, the fabric, the quality is all there, but the garments aren’t precious gems that need to be kept in the cedar closet or stowed away in plastic. They look beautiful, they fit well, but they can handle an active lifestyle. They keep up with your life.




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