Be Audacious with NARS + M2057

Be Audacious with NARS + M2057


Kick off your weekend in style with a free lip + eye touch-up from NARS national Lead Trainer Shayna Shapiro + spring fashion by M2057 by Maria Pinto!

Update your spring wardrobe and enjoy a sneak peek of NARS' new collection, and take home a NARS Token of Appreciation with purchase.



I am a NARS addict, so I am beyond thrilled to host an afternoon celebrating audacious colors, style, and attitude. From the vibrant lipsticks and eye paints to the meticulous skin products, NARS is a perfect match to M2057's statement-making fashion.

The brilliance of NARS is all due to the man behind it, François Nars, whose skill with colors and textures is unparalleled. He is so much more than a product maker—he is a true artist.






"Embrace the audacious in everything, especially your lipstick color. It’s liberating, exhilarating, empowering." —François Nars Creative Director




I particularly see the parallels between NARS and the M2057 collection in the Audacious collection—and not just because several of his lipsticks and our styles happen to share the same names! NARS is all about the feel and quality of the products, the thoughtfulness behind the color development, the craftsmanship and research that go into creating a collection—all of which culminate in making a woman feel gorgeous. That is exactly the philosophy and creative process behind M2057. 

I hope you can join us for this fun and stylish experience and that it inspires you to be audacious—after all, isn't that something we should all aspire to be?

I wish you well,





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