Our New Obsession: Jewelry by Marie Laure Chamorel

Our New Obsession: Jewelry by Marie Laure Chamorel

When it comes to jewelry, I often subscribe to the "bigger is better" philosophy of accessorizing. I've been known to pile on bold, chunky necklaces or sport rings that could break a window. But not all statement jewelry has to be heavy and in-your-face.

I found Marie-Laure Chamorel's exquisite jewelry line last year on a trip to Paris, and I knew it would be the perfect fit with M2057. She applies an artist's eye to her designs, elegant metal pieces that are no less dramatic for their delicateness. The drama comes from the intricate textures and shapes, as well as the mixture of metals she uses.

What particularly captivated me was her inspiration from Art Deco. The M2057 Spring collection was heavily influenced by the style sensibilities of the 1920s, so it was kismet to find pieces like her Empire necklace or Firecracker earrings. These modernist designs are like mirrors of the M2057 aesthetic.

I am so excited for you to experience these pieces, and to feel how light but substantial they are. You'll feel like you're wearing baubles of gossamer.


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