Artist Showcase Featuring Sculpture and Jewelry

Artist Showcase Featuring Sculpture and Jewelry

One of the best parts about living in Chicago is the exposure to so many talented local artists, and one of the best parts about owning a store is that I get the chance to showcase my favorites!

I have known Nathan Mason for a while in his capacity as Curator for DCASE, and his witty, elegant clay sculptures always make me smile. And as soon as I saw Susanne Henry's stunning metal jewelry creations, I knew I had to pair them up with M2057!

I hope that you can join us for a day of celebrating these brilliant artists and designers in our midst!


Nathan Mason is Curator of Exhibits and Public Art for Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events (DCASE), but in his off hours he is a prolific artist and sculptor with a studio in the Ravenswood Art Corridor. His anthropomorphic and zoomorphic clay ceramics, which he calls “squeezimals” and “slabbies,” marry a whimsical, raw, organic feel with bold shapes and colors. For a series of pots and cups thrown on a wheel, he experiments with abstract forms and glazes that cause organic fissures in the pieces. Inspired by prehistoric objects, ancient forms, and his own travels, Nathan translates these influences into playful, inventive creations.


Susanne Henry creates jewelry and small objects that are thoughtful and elegant, and often evocative of the natural or built environment. An emerging jewelry artist and metalsmith, she embraces the challenge of creating modern wearable/usable works by hand, using traditional techniques and materials, as well as found stones and steel.

Susanne’s work is largely influenced by a background in industrial design.  She carefully considers design and structure together with function, dimension, flow and movement. She has embraced the use of steel in jewelry, as its light weight liberally allows for the exploration of geometry, scale, space, and volume in a bold and impactful way. Susanne has a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and works in the studios of Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago, where her work can be found in the Gallery.



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