Fleurotica: An Evening in Bloom

Fleurotica: An Evening in Bloom

Chicago's Garfield Park Conservatory is one of my favorite places in the city. It's a true oasis for me, especially in the winter, when I can escape chill gray days in the warm, wonderful air of the fern room. I am also obsessed with flowers and think you can never have too many blooming in your daily life.

So when Garfield Park asked me to serve as Creative Director for this year's Fleurotica: Evening in Bloom at Navy Pier, I jumped at the opportunity. Fleurotica is a yearly fashion show to benefit the Conservatory, with a colorful twist: all the garments are made from flowers and plants, designed by some of the city's premier florists and artists.

This year Garfield Park also invited notable Chicago women to walk in the show, wearing M2057 clothing and floral accessories. I loved this concept—nature inspires so much of my design, and I was very excited to see M2057 pieces act as a canvas for showcasing these gorgeous floral treats. 

Thank you to everyone at Garfield Park who put on an outstanding show, and a special thank you to all of the talented florists who participated in this event—I was in awe of their artistry and what they were able to create out of leaves, stems, and petals. True flower couture!



Ceta Walters wears the Ross 2 topBette miniskirt, and Pickford scarf
with a floral chapeau by Diane T. Carr of Flower Child

Deirdre B. Koldyke wears the Mila jacketNew York skirt, and Avenger belt
with a garden stole by Bruce Mueller of A Vintage Bloom

Alpana Singh wears the Reefer coat and Clara dress
and carries a floral handbag by Mary Simmons of Persephone Floral

Trish Rooney wears the Stella dress and walks with her daughters Ellie and Suzanne,
wearing the Sharon tunic, with floral accessories by Stacey Carlton of The Flora Culturist

Diana Palomar wears the Velma dress and carries a floral clutch by Flowers for Dreams

Kendall Miles wears the Rita dress and carries a floral handbag by
Laura Daluga and Brian Skol of Department of Floristry, with her father Jim Reynolds

LeeAnn Trotter wears the Theodora jacket and New York skirt
with a floral accessory by Kayla Falk and Stephen Hill of Sprout Home

Desiree Rogers wears the Marlene trenchcoat and Bibi dress
and carries a floral handbag by Kayla Falk and Stephen Hill of Sprout Home

Maria Pinto in the Smith leather jacket and Avenger belt with Kayla Falk and Stephen Hill of Sprout Home


Trish Rooney and Amy Rule, wearing the Reefer coat and Rina dress

Melinda Whitmore for Vitruvian Fine Art Studio
Ilda Orozco for Blumgarten
Diane T. Carr and Frederick D. Dunston for Flower Child
Andrea Hunt-Shelton and Angela Davis for A. Hunt Design
Roberto Gonzalez for Robert James Events
Beth Barnett for Larkspur
Jason Williquette, Grace Koh, Amanda Forgash, Natalie Pappas, Tracy Eickelberg, and Nancy Keirulf for Flowers for Dreams
Brittney Kee for Chicago High School for Ag Science
Laura Daluga and Brian Skol for Department of Floristry
Cornelia McNamara for Cornelia McNamara Flowers
Ildiko Phillips and Elena Masherava for Mariano's
Nathan Beckner for Sage Green Life


 Photos by Brian Kinyon



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