Meet Sherra, Our New Store Director!

We are beyond thrilled to welcome M2057's new Store Director, Sherra Batey, to the team! Read on to find out a little bit more about our newest member of the M2057 family.

Tell us a bit about your history.


I am originally from Savannah, Georgia, and lived in Dallas and New Orleans before moving to Chicago in 2009. While I had worked in retail for most of my life, I actually came to Chicago to start a Creole-style restaurant. It was a great experience, but that is a cutthroat industry, and I returned to retail after a couple years. I managed the leather goods shop at Prada and worked at Tiffany & Company before taking some time off to have my son, who is now two years old and so handsome!

I was baby-stepping back into the industry and really fell in love with the M2057 brand. I think what attracted me to M2057 so much was the chance to get to work personally with Maria, since we're still a small, dedicated team. Working in bigger companies, you don't get to have a voice, but here, you really have a voice as an employee, and your contributions can make a big difference in the company.

Describe your personal style.

I'm definitely a minimalist, which is why M2057 resonates so well with me. I usually gravitate toward understated colors—blacks, navys, grays, which I'll accessorize with a great bag or shoes. But some of my fellow stylists on the team have encouraged me to embrace a little more color!

What are your favorite M2057 styles that you are currently recommending to clients?

I am obsessed with the Reefer coat. It's a true Power Coat. I love that you can wear it to work with dark denim and a tee, then throw on leopard-print heels and go to dinner or a date. It's a coat that lets you express power, but in a feminine way.

The Kate pant is also one of my favorite pieces. I'm petite, so I'm always looking for pieces that elongate. This pant's higher waist and wider leg gives the illusion of height.

The Hilda is a great off-the-shoulder top that is comfortable and flirty without being too revealing. I also think the Benatar leather dress is incredibly hot, but wearable. I encourage everyone who comes in the store to try it on! Its cousin, the Benatar 2, in the stretch form fabric, is also beautiful. I especially love it and the Stella dress in our new Resort color Turquoise—that will be a gorgeous and flattering color heading into summer.

Speaking of, what are you looking forward to wearing once the weather warms up?

Growing up in the south, I hate layering, so I am so looking forward to packing away uncomfortable hosiery! I can't wait to pull out my dresses and flats, and have things be so simple in the morning. Winter coats ruin every look!

What's the hardest thing about what you do?

It's probably both the hardest and easiest thing, but it's reading people well and listening to them. As a stylist, you need to understand that people almost always are telling you what they want, even if they're not saying the words. It's up to you to figure that out and encourage them in the right way. It's very gratifying when everyone leaves happy and satisfied.

You're going on a  trip an you can only pack five things from your closet. What are they?

1. A hot handbag in a crazy color or with studs
2. An animal print shoe
3. A long black dress
4. My hair products for letting my hair go crazy curly
5. A statement jacket like the Mila

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