Meet Sydney, M2057's Operations Manager | M2057 by Maria Pinto

Meet Sydney, M2057's Operations Manager | M2057 by Maria Pinto

 Sydney is M2057’s Operations Manager and a familiar face to many M2057 clients. She worked in finance before coming to M2057 and saw firsthand how few options women had when it came to their wardrobes. “It was either Gucci or Ann Taylor, and there was very little in between that actually made women look good and feel good,” she says. “What we’re doing at M2057 has a real purpose and nobody else in fashion is doing what we’re doing. I’m so excited to be part of growing the brand so more people can experience it!”


MY DAY-TO-DAY:  Every day is a little bit different! When we have a new collection about to launch, my days are spent at the photo shoot, editing photos, and preparing the website and the showroom for new products. Between launches, I spend my time liaising between departments to make sure everyone is connected and moving in the right direction. I spend a lot of time coaching and mentoring our employees and working with clients, too.

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT MY WORK:  I love that no two days are the same. Work is never boring! And I love the women that I get to meet - that’s my favorite part. From the makeup artists and hair stylists at photo shoots to my colleagues to our clients, I’m always meeting badass women. Watching a woman’s reaction when she tries on our clothes for the first time is so exciting. And because we are so focused on listening and responding to what women want, I have these incredible moments where I’m able to tell a client, “You know, the last time you were here you mentioned that you were really looking for this kind of jacket or dress, or this feature, or this color - and here it is. We designed it and made it because you wanted it.” That’s such an amazing feeling.

WHAT’S SPECIAL ABOUT M2057:  We believe that getting dressed every day shouldn’t be work. You should be able to open your closet and see that everything goes together, everything is comfortable and beautiful and appropriate for the day ahead of you - whatever that entails. Most women’s wear is not comfortable enough for you to forget what you’re wearing, and that has an impact on confidence. It can ruin your day. Our job is not to sell clothes, but to make dressing so easy that you can feel like you can do all the phenomenal things you are good at and be the very best version of yourself. M2057 pieces are designed for dynamic women with busy lives that include several spheres - home, work, travel, leisure. So a single garment is made to be comfortable enough to wear on a long flight and at the important meeting after. Or at the airport, you can change into a jacket or a dress right out of your suitcase and the garment won’t be wrinkled, it won’t be too revealing, and it will have little details that just make life easier - like an adjustable two-way zipper or a pocket for your phone. The way Maria designs these garments makes them accessible and relevant to every woman, whether she’s a CEO or a creative or a busy mom. 

MY PERSONAL STYLE:  My style is classic but edgy. I don’t like trends. As I get older, I’m more and more focused on only having pieces in my closet that I actually wear all the time.  

MY FAVORITE M2057 PIECES:  The Durga mini tunic is my number one favorite because it’s so easy to wear. Just put it on and you’ll never think about it again for the rest of the day! I also love our cottons (like Salka, the perfect summer top) because they lay so well against our other fabrics. The Ariana dress is incredibly versatile - perfect with sandals at the beach or with tights, boots, and a leather jacket in the fall. And finally, everybody needs a Reefer coat, which can go from polished to super casual so easily. Reefer looks amazing over dresses, but is also perfect over a band t-shirt and jeans. 

MY FAVORITE STYLING TIPS:  I love to show our clients how easy it is to alter a piece. Because our garments have cut edges, you can simply trim a too-long sleeve, pant, or neckline with a pair of scissors and tack the seam for a perfect fit that doesn’t sacrifice any of the original shape or style. I also like to show women how versatile and fun a two-way zipper can be. Unzipping a piece like Antonella from the top and bottom so it’s just zipped at the waistline creates the illusion of a belt - and it looks like a completely different jacket than when it’s fully zipped or unzipped. Pieces like Liliana and Helga can be worn as a top, a dress, or a vest, and dressed up or down depending on what you pair with it. That creates a ton of value for clients who can own fewer pieces that work harder in their wardrobe. Another focus I have is on casual styling. Many women come to us to invest in a workwear wardrobe, but these fabrics are so indestructible and comfortable that there’s no reason not to get a lot more wear out of them. M2057 can be streetwear if you style it that way!

HOW I TAKE CARE OF MYSELF:  I’m a morning person and I start every day with yoga and meditation. Our days move fast at M2057, so I need to find that physical and mental stillness in the morning or I feel frazzled. 

WHAT I’M READING:  I’ve been listening to a great audiobook lately: Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty. The author grew up in a traditional Indian household that expected him to become a doctor or engineer, and he became a monk instead. This is a fascinating book about mindfulness and wellness that puts so much into perspective; it’s teaching me how to find stillness within myself.

MY DREAM TRIP:  There are so many places I’d love to go, but my number one travel destination is South Africa. I almost moved there as a Peace Corps member so I’ve done a lot of research on the area. Of course, I would love to see Capetown, but my true dream location is Tsitsikamma National Park at the southern tip of South Africa. I dream about hiking there!

BEST ADVICE I’VE EVER GOTTEN:  A college professor told me to say yes to every opportunity. And I did. As a result, I had five internships in college, one of which led to my first full-time job, which eventually led me to a part-time job at M2057, which has blossomed into a full-time role, a partnership, and the opportunity to be part of a vision that I really believe in. Of course, you can’t actually say yes to everything, but I fully believe in saying yes to the things that appeal to you because you never know where opportunities will take you.

WISDOM FOR MY YOUNGER SELF:  Trust yourself. I was the coolest, most confident kid, and then I started comparing myself to my peers in grade school and high school and lost that confidence until I graduated college. I think a combination of meditation and getting older has helped me see that there is a reason I’m drawn to certain things and people, and it’s important to trust that. The more authentic I am, the better my relationships and the clearer my path becomes.

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