The Brutalist Bomber Makeover

The Brutalist Bomber Makeover

This season, I took inspiration from the Brutalist movement in architecture when creating the designs for Resort. I was drawn to the aesthetic's mix of purpose and rawness, and how volume takes shape from those ideas. 

Simultaneously, I wanted to bring back a classic—the Bomber jacket—but breathe it to life in a new way. Actually, two new ways.


The ELKE is a cropped take on the bomber jacket, but with additional volume and blouson in the sleeves and back that give a dramatic and feminine effect to this traditionally masculine shape. I was particularly struck by the windows in Marcel Breuer's Met Museum in New York, and how these limited voids balance the stark facade, lending relief to the massive, stoic structure.

Similarly, the traditional bomber is a jacket with a solid, blocky shape, but I wanted to create a version that played with how the fabric moves and sits on the body. Inspired by how The Met Breuer's windows and cutouts give a lightness to an otherwise stolid building, I added trapezoidal fabric inserts at the Elke's hem. Though subtle, these added significant lift and volume that redefine the bomber's shape into something more playful and elegant.

I love the different ways you can style this piece—the Elke adds a little toughness to a feminine skirt, or you can go full biker-chic and wear it with skinny jeans or leather pants and a killer pair of boots.

I had so much fun designing the Elke, I wanted to take it further—or, in this case, longer. BRIT borrows elements from her cropped cousin, but stretches things out into a long, flowy coatdress. Gathering at the stand collar allows the fabric to cascade down the back in a beautiful, billowy way, and the front double zipper lets you wear this piece as a maxi coat or dress. Brit has a modern easiness that I love, and think will resonate with many styles.

If you would like to try these pieces, I invite you to get in touch with one of our stylists! Contact us at or 888.868.2057. We would love to know what you think.

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