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    Behind the Collection: Armored Blossoms

    Our newest collection, Armored Blossoms, is perfect for this moment in time. It is a celebration and integration of the contrasting internal states that women have always had to balance, but perhaps never more so than in this season of our lives. There’s our “armor”, which is the strong, confident, and decisive side. The “blossoms” reflect our softer moments, when we can take a quiet breath and trust that things will unfold just as they should. Together, these two elements are a declaration of strong femininity, expressed through silhouettes that are just right for the way we’re living now.
    The armored pieces in this collection contain powerful elements, like an energetic new print, dramatic zippers, and statement-making collars.
    Our new print, Grid 20, is an instant classic.
    Azumi Coat pocket close-up
    The black-on-black embossing goes with everything and adds chic detail to simple looks. It’s fabulous when worn casually, paired with jeans and sneakers, but transforms into powerful elegance when you swap in a skirt or fitted pant and heels. Of course, Grid 20 is also completely machine-washable and nearly indestructible, so you’ll wear it for years to come.
    The other side of this collection was inspired by flowers. Gorgeous pintucked seaming, blossoming sleeve openings, crisp cottons, and soft, sweet colors all cultivate a sense of airy lightness. Colors include Optic White, Peony (a soft pink), and Aster (a bright blue).
    One piece that embodies both the “armor” and “blossom” elements is the Micella Top. In front, floral-inspired seaming and a fitted shape are pure femininity; the standing collar and full-length zipper in back project strength.
    Of course, we love the juxtaposition of both elements in a single look. There’s something so chic about the combination of strength and softness, dark and light, drama and sweetness.
    Rosalind Top and Momo Pant by a window




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