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    Resort 2019: Elements of India | Maria Pinto

    Last winter I had the privilege of traveling to India as part of a trip with Chicago's Field Museum, which I co-led with Alaka Wali. We explored museums, textile workrooms, and nature parks, and I knew immediately that these would be the inspirations for upcoming M2057 collections in 2019. For Resort, I wanted to capture the gentle elegance of how the women and men I met there move in space; each style is named after an Indian woman.

    Alaka taught us all how to properly tie and wear a sari, and I became obsessed with the different folds and how beautifully the garments moved. I wanted to bring this effect into M2057 pieces, while making them accessible and easy to wear for anyone. You can see this influence in the long, draped folds in the front and back of the Mishka maxi skirt, and the fluttering fold that trails elegantly behind the Priya dress.

    I also played with dramatic volume inspired by the round yet delicate lotus flower, which in turn appears as a consistent motif across Indian architecture. Pieces like theDurga,Esha, andIshna dresses billow around the body with pillowy volume, but appear weightless as air. The shaped neckline of thePadma dress resembles the peaks of lotus petals, while the sides of the collar open into a deep, alluring V in the back, beautifully shadowing the form of the neck.

    I was particularly taken with the iconic Indian stepwells, massive yet intricately carved stone staircases that descend into manmade ponds. These long, angular lines appear in the silhouettes of the Priya dress and Seema top, as well as a new black-and-white graphic print, called Stepwell.

    We have introduced new lightweight, stretch cotton fabrics that are especially comfortable in warmer temperatures, and a light, stretch fabric in a liquidy silver called Jaipur, along with new colors Marigold and Bluestar.

    Overall, the collection has a breezy, elegant atmosphere that I hope you find a joy to wear! Stay tuned for more Indian inspiration in 2019.

    Until next time,


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