Spotlight: How Christy Clark Holds Her Own in the Finance Sector

Spotlight: How Christy Clark Holds Her Own in the Finance Sector

Welcome to M2057's Spotlight Series, a monthly series featuring the dynamic, stylish, and powerful women who inspire us.


I work in the finance industry, and to get to where I am today has taken hard work, persistence, and not being afraid to ask questions. It may be a male-dominated industry, but when I want a job or a role—or anything for that matter—I don't generally take "No" for an answer. I like to keep pushing and asking and pushing and asking. I was hired for an internship once because the woman told me that I called so often to follow up, she knew my voice on the phone and couldn't keep telling me no. 

I've also learned to embrace being feminine and having a "soft side." I think I saw this as a weakness when I was young, but now I've learned that I have strong intuition, and having that emotional side allows me sometimes to feel my way through things, versus always trying to be logical. The biggest challenge is just being confident in who you are and listening to your gut. At 25 I was horrible at this, but in the last several years I have learned to trust myself, my judgement, and my intuition.


I would describe my style as simple and classic. I have always preferred simple colors and neutrals, and I don't like a lot of patterns or florals. Layers are key. I try to wear work items that can be layered, so if I have an event or a date after work, I can remove a jacket to show off a great dress underneath, so I look a little less like I'm coming from the office. On the weekends I love wearing a full skirt with a fun top, maybe a hat, and statement accessories like some big bangles.

When I'm going out, I want something comfortable that makes me feel great and that I can move easily in. It can be anything—a dress, skirt, jeans, leather, leggings—but I have to feel comfortable.

I'm always surprised at how many of M2057's pieces fit me like they were custom-made for me. It's amazing. I love how easy they are to wear, and also hide some of those imperfections we all struggle with. Styles like the Lilith dressGabi skirt and cropped Olli top highlight my waist and shape, and the leather pieces are so comfortable and fit like a glove! 

I have a small waist and child-bearing hips, and have spent a year trying to find pants that work for my body. I love skinny pants, and the Cigarette pants and Jett leather pants fit perfectly and lay so nicely, like they were made just for me.

Christy wears the Lilith dress in black/lapis


Time, and finding enough of it to get everything done, is a constant challenge in my life. I'm still figuring out how to achieve a balance, but I do try to assign value to time and delegate things like cleaning and laundry. I've also had to learn how to say "No" to people, otherwise I find myself giving my time to everyone around me, and then become frustrated when I don't have time for the things I find important—reading, yoga, cooking, and enjoying my home, family, and friends.

I don't want to spend a lot of my time thinking about what to wear, and that's why M2057 fits into my life so well. I really appreciate that I can machine wash everything. I hate going to the dry cleaner—with a busy schedule my dry-cleaning can sit for weeks, and sometimes I actually forget about my clothes until I go to wear something!


I love wine and traveling, and have been to many countries exploring wine regions. I love learning about new cultures and how others live. While we are all so different, we are also very much the same, and I'm enriched by seeing how others live, whether very simply or very grandly. My number one travel accessory are comfortable walking shoes. I love exploring and walking through new places, so comfortable shoes are important. I always take M2057 pieces on trips because they pack so compactly, and I simply hang things in the hotel bathroom while I shower and don't need to worry about ironing. In a pinch, you can even wash things in the sink!

In Chicago, I love all the arts we are exposed to—going to see a new art exhibit or a performance at the Joffrey Ballet or the symphony. I'm an eater, so I always enjoy trying new cuisines. Lately I've been loving Lena Brava—the food is so light and fresh. The last couple of years, I have also gotten involved with multiple charities that focus on education in Chicago.

Christy wears the Dita tunic with the Jett 2 leather pants + Avenger belt


What's your sign?


What are you watching, reading, and/or listening to right now?

I'm currently reading Red Notice by Bill Browder, Essentialism by Greg McKeown, and Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance.

Coffee or tea? How do you take it?

Coffee in the morning with a little half-and-half or coconut oil. Green tea in the afternoon.

Pants or Skirts? 

Both! Just depends on the day.

If you could live anywhere (and money is no object), where would you choose?

Some place warm on the ocean, where I could spend more time outdoors and eat fresher, cleaner foods.

What wisdom would you tell your younger self? 

Listen to your gut and intuition—it knows what is right and won't let you down.

What brings you joy?

My niece. She's the first in our family, now almost a year old, and she is just so much fun.

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