"I love seeing my clients wearing pieces from past collections paired with my current designs and I want to share and show this different way of thinking about sustainability. This is why I create garments that will last in your wardrobe for years to come instead of something that ends up in a landfill after one season." - Maria Pinto

A Wardrobe That Sustains: You + Our Earth

When you don’t have to sacrifice looking good for doing good – that’s the sweet spot, that’s Maria Pinto.

As a maker and as a brand, our aim is to create the garments that not only stay in your wardrobe but sustain your wardrobe through decades of wear. All of our limited run pieces are made of recycled, sustainable fabric, and everything we design is meant to stay timeless so you can feel confident buying fewer, better things for good.


· Timeless and purposeful pieces designed to last in your wardrobe for years to come.


· Made from recycled materials.

· Durable, stain resistant, and fade proof.

· Machine washable, wrinkle resistant, and hang dry.

Sustainable Manufacturing

· All Maria Pinto Garments are made in the USA, which ensures that we can enforce meticulous standards in the creation of your garments and pay our manufacturers fair wages.

· Our limited run collections are carefully planned and patterned for minimal manufacturing waste.