Who We Are



Maria Pinto is a fashion futurist and artist that believes women should “cultivate their eye and explore their own look” by celebrating themselves - ultimately finding confidence in embracing their own unique image. The Maria Pinto brand offers a clean minimalist, architectural aesthetic for the everyday polished look, alongside a seamless transition to the social professional, and for powerful “industrial meets elegant” C suite activities. Pinto’s clothes are an essential staple for any active woman who consciously values her humble yet powerful place in the community.

The collection embodies the rules of what makes a beautiful couture garment and align those ideas in a deconstructed perspective, which creates a lighter minimalist point of view, no hems, no linings.

Our pieces are versatile and beautifully elevated – this means a clean minimalist, architectural aesthetic for the perfect everyday polished look. Women may first buy our pieces for a special event or the office, but they quickly find themselves wearing our brand every day of the week in every setting, giving sustainability a functional and active meaning in your closet.

As an artist, Maria Pinto has always looked to reveal and eliminate the myths that often prevent us from feeling inspired. By "deconstructing couture" she enables every women to bypass perceived flaws and biases in favor of beautifully fitting, sustainable and perfect looks for diverse occasions. Bringing real life meaning to comfortable and beautiful, her pieces immediately become staples and favorites for their ease of fit and use, machine washable, easy to pack and perfectly fitting with clean lines and deliberate lighter minimalist finishings.

Maria Pinto's collection is designed to function together through a unique "systematized” approach in which every woman can cultivate her own confident look. Pinto offers a focused integrated ‘foundational fashion system’ of image management that offers versatile, functional, elegant and edgy looks for women at all stages of their career and personal journey. Without ever forfeiting luxury or comfort, Maria's artistic yet direct approach to sustainable wearability creates an interchangeable wardrobe that you can develop by building on her foundational system.

From as few as 6 pieces women can create weeks of outfits, Pinto provides all women with a polished, styled and versatile approach to feeling magnificent.


We all want to contribute and invest in a more sustainable life. For Maria, clothes that hang unworn in the closet or without complementary pieces is a form of waste. Her design ethos of creating timeless and purposeful pieces that require only machine washing creates a natural and easy way for you to truly invest in and cultivate a viable wardrobe - Continuous use of the items you have purchased for years to come. All Maria Pinto designs are manufactured in the United States.

"I love seeing my clients wearing pieces from past collections with recent items I have created. It confirms my commitment to support and unending enjoyment of their wardrobe and meets their needs without compromise." ~ Maria Pinto


Our collections are launched in limited runs every 4-6 weeks, each full of pieces that are designed to meet your dressing needs at that moment in time. New colors and silhouettes layer into what you already own and expand the wearability of your existing Maria Pinto wardrobe. Sign up for our newsletter to be among the first to hear about a new drop.

We welcome you to our boutique to shop one on one with our stylists. Drop by, make an appointment, or email us for appointments outside of our usual business hours.