Sizing + Alterations


To determine your correct size, reference the chart below.

  • Measurements are in inches. Measure yourself using a cloth tape measure.
  • Order the size that corresponds to your largest body measurement.
  • You can always get things taken in as necessary—fortunately Maria Pinto pieces are very easy to alter!
  • Find your corresponding body type on the shape guide at the bottom of the size chart; see individual product descriptions for recommendations on which shapes work best for specific items.

Sizing Guide XS S M L XL


0-2 4-6 8-10 12 14


32-33 34-35 36-37 38-40 41-43


25-26 27-28 29-30 31-33 34-36


35-36 37-38 39-40 41-43 44-46


Everyone's body is a little different. We hope your Maria Pinto pieces fit right off the hanger, but if you need any adjustments, fortunately the collection is very easy to alter!

How to alter your Maria Pinto pieces:
  • Each piece is intended to have a cut edge, do not put a hem on the pant or it will change the look of the garment. 
  • To alter, use a sharp pair of scissors and cut straight. The edge will not fray. 
  • After cutting, bar tack the seams – that's it. 
  • For any further questions or clarification, call us at 888-868-2057.


Easy Alterations

Every body is a little different. We hope your Maria Pinto pieces fit right off the hanger, but if you need any adjustments the collection is very easy to alter!

For garments that need to be hemmed, please note that most Maria Pinto pieces have cut edges; to hem, a tailor simply needs to cut and tack the fabric.

These are tailors we like and have Maria Pinto-stamped approval for altering Maria Pinto designs:


Arthur And Lucca Chicago
170 W Washington St, 4th Floor
Chicago, IL
Make an appointment on the website or by contacting:
Receive 15% all Maria Pinto alterations!


Akram Hanna Custom Fitting and Alterations
Bloomingdales Building
900 N Michigan Ave
6th Floor
Chicago, IL


Palmolive Building
919 N Michigan Ave
3rd Floor
Chicago, IL


Davis Imperial Cleaner
Chicago Address
3325 W. Bryn  Mawr Ave.
Chicago, IL 60659
Evanston Address
1920 Harrison Street
Evanston, IL 60201
(866) 436-0257 


505 W Belden Ave
Chicago, IL


Ultimate Dry Cleaning
1158 W Wrightwood Ave
Chicago, IL



Kings Cleaners
1313 Washington St
Boston, MA

We are always interested in hearing about new, talented tailors, especially in other cities. If you have recommendations for shops that have successfully altered your Maria Pinto pieces, please let us know! Email, subject line "Tailor Recommendation." Thank you!