Spotlight Series Issue 16 | Angelina Taylor

Spotlight Series Issue 16 | Angelina Taylor

Each month, we go in depth with the dynamic women who inspire us to create.

Meet this month’s spotlight: Angelina Taylor, in her own words. 

Angelina is an incredibly talented Hematology and Oncology Pharmacist Specialist at Rush University Cancer Center. Her 10+ years of education and residency was driven by her desire to help others.


Special thanks to  Sarah Kammerer for the gorgeous photography for this spotlight! 

Angelina is wearing the Artemisia mini tunic, Winslet dress, Shamila dress, Amelia blouse, and Neela 2 pant.

In her own words

What I love about being a woman

I love the constant evolution that women go through, from childhood to womanhood, to motherhood, and beyond. Women can adapt to all changes that they are presented with – always done with grace. I appreciate that women have more of an opportunity to express themselves through fashion and their overall style, which is one of my favorite things about being a woman. 

How I create a work/life balance

In all honesty, this is something that I have been struggling with since being a pharmacy resident for the past two years. However, I have found that scheduling time each day for myself helps me create more balance in my week. Working out is something that truly makes me feel good physically, mentally, and emotionally. I schedule Peloton workouts, four days per week at specific times, depending on my work and personal life schedule so that I don’t have to worry about ensuring I get time for “me.”

My personal style

My personal style is feminine and full of glam. I love dressing up because it makes me feel motivated and confident. Personal style is a main contributor to first impressions, and I truly believe that a person’s first impression of me is very important. I typically try to wear heels daily because heels make me feel confident. I love picking out my outfit every morning before I go to work, because it truly sets the stage for my day. Accessorizing is a requirement for me; my necessities are my rings, earrings, purse, and shoes. 

What’s important to you when it comes to buying clothing? 

Comfort, sizing, and ease of care. I love when brands sell “petite” and/or “short” sized clothing, because the fit of the clothing item is important to the overall look of the piece. Since I like to glam up, when I find comfortable clothes that fit my style, it really excites me.

How does your work style differ from your going out style? 

My casual and going-out styles are very different from my work style. For work, I generally wear more professional, conservative clothing, with basic accessories. I wear a mix of dresses, skirts, and pants to work, to try to change things up. My casual style is more sporty chic, which includes leggings, biker shorts, or running shorts, with a crop top and either sandals or trendy gym shoes. And my going-out style tends to be very trendy and over the top. I love wearing bold pieces with cutouts, sparkles, bold colors, or a statement shoe; my accessories tend to always be more dramatic as well.

Best gift I’ve received 

The best gift I ever received was a book of letters from all the important women in my life on the morning of my wedding. Each letter included some way that I had impacted that person, along with well wishes and photos of us together. This was such an amazing sentiment to read as I was surrounded by all of them while getting ready. It is something special that I keep next to my bed and read whenever I am having an off day, because it reminds me of how lucky I am to have such kind hearted women to enjoy life with.


Angelina is wearing the Keaton blouse, Winslet dress, and Mansfield jacket.

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