Spotlight Series Issue 21 | Justine Fedak

Spotlight Series Issue 21 | Justine Fedak

Another edition of Maria Pinto’s Spotlight Series: In Her Own Words is here. Each month, we feature the dynamic, stylish, and powerful women who inspire us daily. 

Meet this month’s spotlight: Justine Fedak – Chief Client Officer, rEvolution, a global sports marketing firm. Let’s dive in as she reflects on her own style, life, and times.


How I describe my personal style Definitely edgy, and “deconstructed”.


What inspires me in cultivating my look Feeling that sense of being comfortable in my own skin with my clothes being an extension of that. My work and office look is the same as my always look - I love having a look that feels like mine for always. When I’m out doing me, I like to feel like I am *energetically* impacting the environment with positivity…and my clothes are an extension of that.


People always tell me They love my glasses! Lol.


 My fashion icons include  Rick Owens and Maria Pinto herself.


 My days are filled with Being in love with my life every single minute. I’m always thinking of how to help people and have fun while delivering big ass results. 


 My passions are I’m the Chair of Magnificent Mile Association, and past board member of many Chicago boards. I’m an extremely passionate advocate for those with MS – I also love meditation, energy work, and tequila :).  


Justine is wearing the Hopper coat, Rani pants, Loren mini tunic, Sinatra top, Kamala pants, and Avenger belt.


 When I was little I wanted to be President of my uncle Al’s ad agency.


 When I hear the word “resilience” it always reminds of How the loss of my first love at 21 changed my life. How being diagnosed with MS changed my life, but I never gave up…and now after walking with a cane for over a decade, I’m miraculously able to walk without it, and am in my miracle remission for the last two years!


 When I unplug I like to... hang out at my private social club, BIAN, that is all about wellness and finding your personal way of living your most vital and impactful life. My life also includes my work as a passion. I love to be part of a team and create impact. I love my work – it’s play for me, too. 


 Being a woman to me means Feeling great in my own skin and enjoying my own company.


 Last book I read Alan Watts “Out of Your Mind”.


 Song I forgot I love and recently heard again Simple Minds “Don’t You Forget About Me”. 


 Personal motto or favorite quote Ram Dass: “Be here now.”


 Fantasy life would be living in My exact life — Chicago is my heart.


 The one item I am secretly obsessing over A Celine bag. By the time this is published, I may have it :).


Special thanks to Sarah Kammerer for the beautiful photography for this spotlight! 

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