Maria's Secret Weapons | Issue 1

Maria's Secret Weapons | Issue 1

Hair Apparent

Maria Pinto and Charles Lord have worked together for 25 years—but their relationship is much more than just business. Mutual respect and admiration are definitely part of that equation. Or, more simply put, “He just gets me,” says Maria.

SHE SAIDI first met Charles in NYC in 1994. He came to my hotel to do my hair as I was making an important presentation at Bergdorf Goodman. I have always valued the importance of great hair. Since then, Charles has been part of every photoshoot for the collections I create and the only person I let cut my hair. He grew up in Zion, Ill. At 18, Charles went to NYC to train under Frederic Fekkai. He then went on to Paris and London Fashion Weeks season after season. Charles used to wear this belt with a buckle that had the word TRUST. He genuinely gets all my trust when it comes to the hair that will further tell the story within each of my collections as well as always making me look and feel terrific.


HE SAID… In August, it will be 31 years in the hair industry for me. Since I was 12, it has always been hair. My dad passed away when I was 4. I used to do hair for my mom, sister and grandma before they went out as my way of getting ready with them. For me, doing hair means I get to make women feel good about themselves. That’s really the best. I assisted so many of the fancy hairdressers. For 7 years, I was the assistant to Princess Diana’s hairdresser. Then I met photographers and started doing my own photoshoots. That’s how I met Maria. She hired me before she met me. She saw my work and really liked what I did. Our vision is so similar. I’m passionate about hair. It’s part of me. After all these years, I still love every day of it.


Want to experience the magic of Charles’ haircutting, too? Recipients of this newsletter receive a special price ($100 versus standard $200) up until Sunday, Sept. 8 at Dita Salon (58 E. Walton St.).

For appointments call Charles at 312-547-9349.

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