Spotlight Series Issue 1 | Sarah Kammerer

Spotlight Series Issue 1 | Sarah Kammerer


Welcome to M2057's Spotlight Series: In Her Own Words, which features dynamic, stylish and powerful women that inspire us. This month, we chatted with Sarah Kammerer.

Growing up in a suburb outside of Pittsburgh, Sarah Kammerer was made aware of the value of service, play and exploration by her parents from a very young age, the effect of which can still be felt today. With her consulting practice, Sarah takes on a variety of socially impactful projects—from strategy and communications to photography. She curates a job-focused newsletter, serves on the boards of Mikva Challenge and the Chicago Brewseum, and co-leads a nonpartisan group called Illinois Women Vote aimed at getting women involved in the political process. Play comes in the form of weekly soccer games and training for triathlons.


ON CREATING A WORK-LIFE BALANCE I do my best to take care of my body. Exercise and sleep have always been important and are non-negotiable. My current priorities include finding time for reflection and spending time with family.

WHAT BRINGS YOU JOY Reading, cycling trips with my husband, a great champagne, the creativity of my nieces and nephews, bringing people together.

CLOTHES-BUYING CRITERIA Low maintenance, great fit, easy to move, and that I feel good in it. Also, if I am afraid of ruining it, I don’t buy it. M2057 checks all of these boxes.

STYLE ICONS My friend Blair, who when getting dressed, thinks about what she wants to put out into the world that day. Maria Pinto because of her love for the female body and her trust in the women who wear her clothes. Amal Clooney, Serena Williams, Janelle Monae and Megan Rapinoe because their style is unabashedly powerful.

FAVORITE M2057 PIECES Isabella: it smooths out my body and quiets my inner-critic so I can focus on what’s important. Maret: it packs to nothing, never wrinkles and can be dressed up or down (more colors please!). Christabel: a classic moto jacket that works great with everything. Jett 2: a total splurge that makes me feel badass.

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