Spotlight Series Issue 10 | Syreeta Harris Strickland

Spotlight Series Issue 10 | Syreeta Harris Strickland

Welcome to M2057’s Spotlight Series: In Her Own Words, which features dynamic, stylish, and powerful women who inspire us.

This month, we chatted with Syreeta Harris Strickland.


Syreeta is Head of Investment Banking Marketing at William Blair where she develops and implements integrated brand, marketing, and communications plans and strategies to support the business. She is also a proud Chair and founding member of the Navy Pier Associate Board, where she champions the iconic institution’s free programming for the public. 


Special thanks to Sarah Kammerer for the beautiful photography for this spotlight!

Syreeta is wearing the Stella DressJuni Top, Rani Pant, Gingko T-shirt, and Monroe Jacket.



ON HER CAREER PATH: It was a lot of saying “yes” to opportunities that came up along the way. Looking back, I never imagined I would have taken a career path in financial services but I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a reason and you should always show up and give your best. Whether the path is linear or zig zags, it’s important to learn along the way and enjoy the journey.


HOW I TAKE CARE OF MYSELF: Self-care is critical. Even if I can only find bite-size increments of time in the day, I try to take advantage of those windows to pause and reset. Whether it’s pausing and enjoying a latte in peace or getting fresh air, sometimes it’s just what I need. I thrive on relationships and connection and find that even a short dose of quality time and laughter with girlfriends proves to be an excellent form of self-care.


WHAT I LOVE ABOUT BEING A WOMAN:  Women are strong, powerful, resilient, compassionate, life-creating, complex, nurturing and the list goes on. I love and embrace my femininity and have a deep appreciation for the strong, bold, amazing, intellectual women that surround me and the support and celebration we provide for one another. We still live in a world where women do not always have a seat at the table or equal representation, but I’m encouraged to see so many incredible women rising to the challenge.


MY PERSONAL STYLE:  Classic and chic with a bit of sass. I enjoy mixing and matching and while I lean towards more of a conservative look especially at work, I love throwing in a pop of color and/or something fun and edgy to show my personality. I view personal style as an outlet for creative expression and one of the many ways I get to choose how to show up in the world, whether at work or personally.


MY FAVORITE M2057 PIECES: I absolutely love my Isabella shift dresses and Issa tops. I have them in all different colors and the funnel neck is simply perfection. I also cannot say enough about the Kiara pants. They are high-waisted with a beautiful belt and slight flare — I swear they make my legs appear five inches longer! And did I mention they have pockets? Just fabulous! M2057 pieces are timeless, unique, sophisticated, flattering, comfortable, effortless and best of all no dry cleaning needed! M2057 is hands down my favorite go-to for work attire. I receive compliments every time I wear any of my pieces. 


WHAT BRINGS ME JOY: My two children are my biggest blessings and bring me so much joy daily (and keep me on my toes!) I grew up surrounded by a loving and engaged family and do everything I can to provide my kids the same.


WHAT I’M WATCHING, READING, AND LISTENING TO: I’m watching Succession, reading Parenting with Love & Logic, and listening to guided meditation when I can squeeze it in (or asking Alexa to play Bob Marley or Modern Gospel on repeat).


DREAM HOME LOCATION: For many years, since visiting, I’ve said Cape Town, South Africa – although I do recognize the landscape in South Africa has been challenging over the last few years and feel for them. It’s a beautiful mix of beaches, mountains, incredible food, diversity of people, warm climate, and just rich in experience. Very livable but also feels like vacation every day!

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