Spotlight Series Issue 11 | Tiffany Jozwiak

Spotlight Series Issue 11 | Tiffany Jozwiak

Welcome to M2057’s Spotlight Series: In Her Own Words, which features dynamic, stylish, and powerful women who inspire us.

This month, we chatted with Tiffany Jozwiak.


Tiffany is a dentist with two of her own practices. Owning her own business has been a perfect fit for her; the flexible schedule has allowed her to stay involved in her three children’s activities, neighborhood associations, and church organizations while still allowing for plenty of professional growth. Tiffany recently opened a MedSpa in addition to her dental practices as a way to help more of her patients look fresh and feel like their best selves beyond their great smiles.

Special thanks to  Sarah Kammerer for the beautiful photography for this spotlight!  

Tiffany is wearing the Amanda coat, Ginkgo t-shirt, Rani pant, Liliana dress, Luella jacket, and Kamala pant.



ON CHALLENGES I’VE FACED: The pandemic has been the biggest obstacle of my career and was also difficult for my family. We had to close for eight weeks. I still had to see emergencies when a lot was unknown about Covid and how it spread.  We really had to increase our PPE, and learning to work wearing two masks and a shield was difficult at first. It also was difficult adapting my 3 children to remote learning and dealing with the lost socialization with their peers.  It was a lot to balance for all families, that was not unique to me.  
HOW I TAKE CARE OF MYSELF: I follow an intermittent fasting schedule and always break my fast with a green smoothie at 10:00 am. I do my Peloton every morning and Zoom with my trainer 4 days a week. And I need my eight hours of sleep every night!  
WHAT I LOVE ABOUT BEING A WOMAN: I love being an involved mother, but also having the opportunity to have a successful career. I find both equally rewarding and challenging. Finding the balance is possible - you just need to realize you do your best, but you can’t do it all.  
MY PERSONAL STYLE: My personal style is classic, but with my own unique twist or pop of color.  Something to make it deserve a second glance. I think at some point we all wanted to be like Carrie Bradshaw back in the day; as long as you wear something with confidence, it will look good.  
MY FAVORITE M2057 PIECES: Maria’s clothes are so unique - I love them all.  They really accent your figure. Without a doubt, I will get compliments every time I wear an M2057 outfit. The pieces work so well together, I always have a go-to outfit for any occasion. She makes it so effortless to look amazing. Some of my favorites are the Issa top, Kiara Pant, Diana Dress, Callista Top (looks so good under a jacket!) and the Alpaca Caress.   
WHAT I’M WATCHING, READING, AND LISTENING TO: I am a big fan of historical fiction - I just finished American Duchess. I recently read a series of books based on Cuban history by Chanel Cleeton that I really enjoyed. I share a Kindle library with my daughters and we try to read each other’s recommendations so we can discuss the books. I also put my books on Audible so I can listen while driving or exercising.  
BEST GIFT I’VE RECEIVED: Honestly, handwritten notes from grateful patients means so much to me. The same goes for homemade cards from my children. There is something about someone taking the time to tell me what they are thinking and feeling that cannot be beat.  
BEST ADVICE I’VE RECEIVED: Don’t be an asshole.  I always remember that, and it is true.

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