Warrior Women | Maria Pinto

Warrior Women | Maria Pinto


A lot, as it turns out, at M2057. When Maria Pinto went looking for names for the strong, bold and elegant pieces in her recent Fall 2019 Warrior Collection, she found inspiration right in front of her—literally—in members of her incredible, dynamic team. Here, they discuss what their namesake pieces mean to them and offer warrior-women inspiration.

“We are all warriors—women and men, combat or not. We are all striving for something, and sometimes this is an uphill battle that requires courage and determination.” -Maria Pinto




Director of Production 

HOW DOES THIS PIECE EMBODY YOU? This piece fits my style well because it is comfortable with a little bit of flair. I love the way the fabric dramatically cascades in the back. WHY IS IT YOUR NAMESAKE? Because it has both design and function. One of the challenges of fashion is that we aren't just making beautiful things, but garments that someone has to wear and, most importantly, feel beautiful in. I feel like this piece succeeds at that. WHAT DOES BEING A WARRIOR WOMAN MEAN TO YOU? Every woman has obstacles in her life and being a warrior woman is about fighting to overcome those obstacles in spite of everything. This goes for the unassuming women in our lives as well as historic trailblazers. 




Assistant Production Manager

HOW DOES THIS PIECE EMBODY YOU? I'm really interested in the Renaissance and Medieval eras. Having a ruffle-style collar gives an homage to those time periods. WHY IS IT YOUR NAMESAKE? Definitely for the oversized shirt style and unique collar. It's very baggy, which reflects my style. I usually wear a hoodie or cap with my M2057 wardrobe. I love that I can give the brand more of a street-style edge. WHAT DOES BEING A WARRIOR WOMAN MEAN TO YOU? Taking on the day with confidence and being confident in your decision at work and life. We live in a time where women are stepping up to CEO positions and women of minorities are taking on roles that aren't expected of them. I have a fashion degree, which meant I didn't follow the Filipino norm of nursing school. I have great parents that encourage me to be anything I want.




Visual & Customer Experience Manager

HOW DOES THIS PIECE EMBODY YOU? Sweet-faced and seemingly innocent but also ready for trouble. Upon closer look more interesting details and intricate construction are revealed. The sharp, clean-cut collar contrasted by the long sleeves are playful and add a pop of color and texture to any coat or pattern thrown on top. The dualism of these aspects is what I love most. WHY IS IT YOUR NAMESAKE? Eliana is buttoned up, eclectic and far from plain preferring high collars and turtlenecks in summertime but fearless with color. Edie from Grey Gardens by day and Patti Smith by night. WHAT DOES BEING A WARRIOR WOMAN MEAN TO YOU? Inner peace. Inner strength. She isn’t afraid of falling because she always gets back up.

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