Which Pant Style is Perfect for You? | Maria Pinto

Which Pant Style is Perfect for You? | Maria Pinto

With 30 years of experience studying and designing for the full spectrum of women’s body types, Maria designs every pair of pants to ensure a flattering and comfortable fit for a wide range of shapes. There’s a M2057 pant for every woman; which one is best for you?

The Kate 2 Pant

Full Leg / Pull On / High Waist / Pockets 
Kate 2’s full leg and detailed side band make her a very flattering and elongating style. Made in our bonded weight Form fabric, Kate has a more structured feel and is a bit less forgiving in the thigh, especially if your thighs are muscular. If you find Kate 2 to be too binding, try Penelope instead!


The Penelope Pant

Full Leg / Pull On / True Waist
Penelope is a clean, sleek wide leg pant in Flow, which is lighter in weight than Kate 2. Since the leg drops more from the hip down, Penelope is more forgiving in the thigh than Kate 2 with all the same flattering lines.


The Kiara Pant

Flare / Pull On / High Waist / Pockets
Kiara is a long, lean, 70’s-inspired pant in Flow weight that’s cut close to the body through the hip with a flattering flare below the knee. Consider sizing up for the most flattering fit. You’ll definitely need a size larger if the hip pocket facing is visible when you try Kiara on.


The Sylvia Pant

Skinny / Pull On / True Waist
Sylvia is a classic skinny pant that should feel as comfortable as a legging but not quite as close-fitting at the ankle. Made in Form weight fabric, Sylvia has great structure and a smooth silhouette. Make sure Sylvia fits well in the hips and waist; any looseness or sagging will be noticeable and uncomfortable.


The Cigarette 2 Pant

Slim / Pull On / True Waist
Our Cigarette 2 pant fits exactly like Sylvia from the knee up, but has a straighter shape from knee to ankle. If you like straight-leg pants that show a little ankle, simply trim the bottom edge with a pair of scissors and tack the side seams.


The Rani Pant

Skinny with Open Ankle / Zip Front / True Waist / Pockets
Rani fits just like a skinny pant until the ankle, which has a center slit that adds interest. The center front zip makes this the perfect pant for those who like to tuck in their blouses! If you need to shorten Rani significantly, you can also snip the ankle slit a little further so you can still have that great, flattering line. And if you’re a fan of the leather look, try Neela 2 - she’s cut exactly like Rani, but in our washable Guntar “almost-leather” fabric. 


The Natasha Pant

Flare / Pull On / Mid-Rise
From waist to knee, Natasha fits just like Sylvia - but her elongating silhouette includes a soft flare from the knee down. Seaming down the front and back center (also featured on Sylvia and Cigarette 2) is incredibly flattering. Many women in the M2057 community appreciate what Natasha’s shape does for their rear view!


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