One Piece, Three Ways: Styling for Special Events, the Office, and Everyday | Maria Pinto

One Piece, Three Ways: Styling for Special Events, the Office, and Everyday | Maria Pinto

M2057’s classic-with-an-edge styling means that you can own fewer pieces and wear them in more places with just a few strategic changes to your accessories and layers. Here are some of our favorite tips for styling our essential pieces for elevated occasions, the office, and everyday: 


Pairing the Callista Top and the Myrah Skirt in the same Tartan pattern creates a sexy, dress-like look. We love the added waist definition that the Soho belt adds! In a bold color, Callista's high neckline looks beautiful and professional under the Aiko Jacket; wear both with the Rani Pant for all-day comfort. For everyday style, Callista's longer length looks great untucked with jeans or leggings; the Avenger Belt changes the silhouette and vibe even more.
With a classic dress like Carolina, all you need to add is sky-high heels and you're ready for a wedding or other special event. Change into flats and add the Brook Jacket - now you're ready for the office. Boots and a sweater make Carolina an easy look for running errands or lounging at home!


Juni's open neckline and corset-inspired bodice pair beautifully with the dramatic Birgit skirt for a dress-like party look. For the office, pair Juni with the Kiara pant and Soho belt. The Gabi skirt and boots add a casual-chic vibe that's just right for the weekends.


The Gabi Skirt is truly a wear-anywhere piece, with a flattering high-waisted, A-line shape and organic movement that looks beautiful everywhere! Paired with the Aiko Jacket (or a fitted top, like Rubi, Luiza, or Susil) in the same color, you can create the illusion of a perfectly fitted dress. Pair Gabi with a blouse like Eliana and the Soho Belt for professional, polished style. On the weekends, swap in a t-shirt and combat boots for the ultimate edgy, comfortable look!
Myrah is another incredibly versatile, almost-pencil skirt that every woman should have in her closet. Pair Myrah with Luiza to create the illusion of a dress - perfect for women who are different sizes on top and bottom. Amp up the sex appeal by creating a back slit with the two-way zipper and adding an Obi Belt to define your waist. Suit up by pairing Myrah with the Susil Top and Aiko Jacket; you'll feel comfortably covered up for a day at the office. A chic top like Katri, plus boots, flats, or tennis shoes, makes Myrah more casual and perfect for weekends.

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