Maria's Packing Tips for Summer Trips

Maria's Packing Tips for Summer Trips

It's finally summer, and for many of us, that means vacation is on the horizon! But there's always one hitch at the start of every journey: the dreaded question of what to pack.

Fortunately, you don't need to sacrifice style or comfort while living out of a suitcase. Whether you're off to a sunny seaside or an urban wilderness, it's just about choosing the right pieces that you can mix and match and feel beautiful in (M2057's wrinkle resistant, washable fabric is a plus, too!). Below, see some ideas for your upcoming trip.



Beach retreats are all about breezily chic looks in easy, comfortable fabrics. Flowy maxi dresses and skirts are a must! Sabina, Racine, Charli, and Elsie all fit the bill beautifully. Cotton tops like Lisabeth and Sadie add a cool, fluttery style to hot days.

Of course you can never go wrong with black, but for sun and sand I prefer crisp whites, soft colors, and bold stripes, which nod to nautical without being too literal about it.

Left: Lisabeth cotton top and Elsie skirt; Upper right: 2-Part horn necklace; Lower right: Sadie cotton top
Above: Sabina dress, Racine cotton tunic, Charli dress


These flowy looks demand the right accessories that make a statement but don't overpower. I'll pile on horn accessories like pendants and bracelets—the natural colors and textures pair elegantly with beachy looks and are surprisingly lightweight for packing so much visual punch.

Upper left: Conduit horn cuff; Lower left: Stria horn cuff; Right: Magda dress



For a stylish and bustling metropolis like London, your wardrobe needs to be able to take you from museums to restaurants to city strolls to nights on the town. I love separates and dresses that are comfortable and easy to wear, but still have unique design elements that set them apart. Instead of a basic midi skirt and tank, try the Gabi asymmetric skirt and Paley and Callista tops—they function and fit like comfortable basics but are so much more interesting and flattering. Pair the latter with a skinny pant like Sylvia, which goes with everything.

A trench coat is a great summer travel staple for when you need that extra layer in overly air-conditioned buildings—just drape it over your shoulders for true style insouciance! The Marlene also doubles as a coat dress.

Left: Gabi skirt with the Ross 2 top; Center: Paley top and Sylvia pant; Right: Marlene trench coat


Left: Gisella dress; Right: Callista top and Catinca skirt


Dresses like the Gisella and Maret offer ease and minimalist comfort that by day you can wear traipsing around town in flats, and by night transform with heels and statement jewelry. The Maret dress in particular is my new go-to piece—the ultimate little black dress that is so much fun to bling up! I'll wear it with the Silfil lariat necklace and Anke cape to add a minimal layer. The Anke is also a unique way to dress up a tee and jeans—another travel staple.

The Ultimate Travel Must:


Even for a summer trip, I never leave town without a wrap. Whether I'm warding off aggressive air conditioning or the night chill, or using it as a blanket on the plane, I think this is the most versatile travel piece. The Caress wrap comes in multiple fabric weights and prints, and has arm slits for additional ways to wear. It's summer—you should never be shivering!

Left: Caress 2 wrap: Right: Wool Caress Wrap


I wish you safe and stylish travels, and a fabulous summer!

Bon voyage!


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