Fashion + Flowers with Epoch Floral

Fashion + Flowers with Epoch Floral

Anyone who knows me knows I'm obsessed with flowers and floral design, and there's no one better in the biz than Mike Hines of Epoch Floral. He is a genius in his field, and the masterpieces he creates change your perception of what flowers and plants can be.

I've now taken several classes with him, and I knew I needed to bring him to M2057! Please join me for this special class and learn from this incredible artist. But first, read more about Mike's aesthetic and inspiration—and how flower design relates to fashion—below.

Happy Spring!


Learn the art of floral design from master florist Mike Hines of Chicago's Epoch Floral, and create your own bouquet using flowers inspired by M2057's spring palette!

Join us for this exclusive flower design class where Mike will demonstrate what makes a successful and creative flower design. Then put his tips into practice by creating your own hand-tied bouquet, and take home Mike's book UPROOTED as a special gift. Purchase two tickets and give Mom a special experience for Mother's Day!


Ticket price includes entry for one to the class, flowers, a vase, and Mike's book Uprooted. Space is extremely limited. Order today!


Please note, this item is non-refundable. Upon ordering, you will receive a confirmation of your ticket purchase by email and your name will be added to the class list. This item is not eligible for purchase with promo codes or gift cards.


What inspires your floral designs?

I'm not inspired by any one thing in particular. In fact, my subconscious absorbs inspiration all day, and then coalesces in my mind and suddenly I'm motivated to create. What I'm attracted to as a designer is texture. Color is often secondary if the flowers already caught my attention with their texture and posture. I tend to humanize flowers.

What interested you in co-hosting an event with us at M2057?

I love Maria's aesthetic. She allows the personality of the person wearing her clothing to shine, while the clothing accentuates that same personality and attitude. I love when two things marry so well: fashion/personality, flowers/fashion, etc. Also, as a fan of Maria and M2057, I  am always happy when I see Maria. She has that effect on people and it feels oh-so-good as a fellow creative. We are both driven by creating and inventing—that in itself is a great grounding for any designer friends.

What are one or two tips you'd give anyone creating an arrangement at home? Are there any routine mistakes you see people making that could be avoided?

Main tip: Cut your stems and let them soak in warm water. The warm water helps break the natural sap in the stems. Also, keep the flowers out of the sun—unless, of course, it's a rooted plant.

The biggest mistake I see people making is the fear of being creative, and thus, not having fun with their flowers and designing at home. Flowers make people happy naturally. If you don't allow yourself to express your creativity through making a flower arrangement, you are simply denying people the opportunity to see something new.

What are your favorite flowers or plants to work with?

Any flowers that catch my attention at the market, and especially the ones that flirt with me with their color, posture, or leaves. I don't have a favorite flower; however, I seldom use flowers that control me with their wild nature. I prefer a more controlled hand when working with these beautiful joy sticks. 

Do you think there are any similarities between fashion design and floral design? 

I do, very much. Color, lines, attitude, design. I believe flowers and fashion are best buddies—one complements the other. Fashion is sometimes inspired by flowers and vice-versa. The bottom line is that it's about creativity and finding your breath in that. Fashion designers along with floral designers are creating new and exciting things for people in order to make them feel good, happy, confident, and poised. The only difference is that floral designers work in perishable media while fashion has no time restraint. I think that because flowers are fleeting, that simple fact adds to the excitement of their design.

About Mike Hines 

Mike Hines, co-founder and creative director of epoch, IS epoch. With a reach far and wide, from Chicago to across the globe, Mike has made his impact in the floral industry by defying the rules, creating styled and unique spaces and ensuring complete client satisfaction by developing and installing possibilities beyond imagination. During his 20 years of experience in the world of floristry and design, his passion for floral goes beyond the stem and often enters into a world of interior design as he is constantly changing the atmosphere of floristry to include that of the interior for which he works. However, having fun and challenging his own imagination is what makes Mike a leading floral designer. His rebel editing has fed his success to the highest of standards. "To just place a centerpiece on a table is just too create a space with the interpretation of what a finished interior of an event, lobby, home or party should be is what makes for a memorable, magical and timeless space for both you and your guests." Proudly knowing that no job is too big, Hines continues to challange himself as well as his staff to be more than be memorable and timeless is the task at hand. His approach starts with an attitude and vision and ends with a fleeting yet unforgettable experience for both himself and his clients. 

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