Your Clothes Are Your Armor—What Does Yours Look Like?

Your Clothes Are Your Armor—What Does Yours Look Like?

Every season, one of the questions I am most frequently asked is, "What are your favorite trends right now?" My typical answer: "None of them."

I swear I'm not a sartorial snob! I get it. We're bombarded with fashion magazines, media, and celebrities telling us what the hot new thing is. Every morning show has a segment explaining how to wear fringe or stripes, and we get excited about trying new things and looking "in the now." 

Don't get me wrong—trends can be fun. I will always have a soft spot for a good animal print. But now, with spring fashion hitting the stores, it seems like an especially apt time to take stock. 

Instead of focusing on trends, try thinking of your clothes as your armor. What do you put on in the morning that makes you feel strong, confident, and ready to face the world? 

The answer is different for every woman. Your armor might be a modern, feminine power suit to meet your opponents in the courtroom or your colleagues in the boardroom. It might be a flowy maxi dress that makes you feel comfortable yet chic. It might be a tunic and tights or a deconstructed jacket and jeans to show off your creative side. Or it might be some combination of any of these.

The key is to identify those silhouettes, colors, and fabrics that you can return to again and again to feel like the best version of yourself. There's a place for trends, but we fall victim to them when we adopt them blindly, and then don't feel like ourselves when we walk out the door. But when you're wearing your armor, you imagine that you can face anything, go up against anyone, and succeed.

Not sure what your armor is? Here are some questions to ask yourself:

1) What do you want your clothes to convey about you? 

Your wardrobe choices can reflect any number of aspects of your personality: assertiveness, creativity, competence, drama, uniqueness—your clothes announce that oh-so-important first impression, so use them to your advantage.

2) What does your daily life look like, both professionally and personally? 

If you spend most of your week in a more conservative office setting, your armor might look different than someone who works in a more casual place. You also might have different kinds of armor for the workplace and for home or with friends.

3) What silhouettes and hues work with your body type and coloring? 

All of us are shaped differently, and certain silhouettes work better for specific body types. At M2057, we classify all our styles according to what bodies they work with (Apple, Pear, Line, Reverse Triangle, and Hourglass). Learn what you are and what shapes really flatter you—and remember, it's not just about size, but proportion. There are XS apples and XL hourglasses. Similarly, experiment with color and pattern and see what you feel confident in—some women come alive in bold, colorful patterns, while others prefer strong monochromatic looks.

If you're still having trouble assembling your armor, I invite you to get in touch with an M2057 stylist by emailing or calling 888.868.2057—she can work with you to determine what your best and most flattering styles are. And if you already know your armor but are looking for pieces to fill it out, one of our stylists can help you find what you need.

So this spring, instead of chasing after the latest trends, suit up in something that makes you feel truly special.

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